Where will the proposed crematorium be located?

The proposed location is on Oak Hill Road between Poricy Park and the Fairview Soccer Fields in Middletown, NJ. Click here to see location and map.It is directly across from Colts Glen neighborhood filled with families, many of whom are newly having babies or have young kids. It is directly across from family homes at a distance of just 201 feet from the road, where children gather to wait for the school bus every day, in between soccer fields where kids play soccer throughout the year and Poricy Park Nature Preserve, where children go on school trips and explore the nature center and surrounding areas. It is also in close proximity to 3 schools and surrounding residential neighborhoods.

Do crematoriums put toxins and pollution into the air?

A study by the Cremation Association of North America has found that filtering crematorium fumes has little effect on the toxins released. “Cremation causes harmful emissions in the form of dioxins and mercury. Mercury is a big problem and in Europe, there is legislation pending to force crematoria to filter abate their emissions. This is expensive and also requires very bulky equipment that takes up a lot of room. Source: US Patent 8931147B2 Disposal of human remains” 2015-01-13 BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION

How far does can this pollution travel?

This is not easy to predict as certain weather conditions  and prevailing winds affect how far pollutants will travel. Research and mathematical equations based on EPA models suggest approximately a 6-mile radius could be affected.

What towns are within a 6-mile radius?

Within a 6-mile radius are Middletown, Red Bank, Fair Haven, Lincroft, Little Silver, northern Tinton Falls, Shrewsbury, Ft Monmouth, Atlantic Highlands, Rumson, Holmdel, Hazlet, Keansburg, Oceanport & Eatontown.

Does exhaust and smoke from crematoriums give off a noxious stench?

There is not enough anecdotal information available to support this claim. However, toxic fumes are odorless and more dangerous. As per the zoning board meeting in 2017, some information given was there “may” be times when black smoke “may” rise out of the smoke stack. There “may” be times when there might be a smell. Age of incinerator, poorly maintained burners, how large a body is in the incinerator are some factors that may have an impact on how the incinerator performs.

How many hours per year will this operate?

NJ law permits 4,160 hours per year. This equates to burning twelve hours a day, six days a week.

How many bodies can be cremated in a day?

The number of cremations per day is determined by the maximum burn rate of the chamber. Fairview states 150 pounds per hour per chamber. Fairview proposes to build a two chamber crematorium. Manufacturer, American Crematorium Equipment, states 4-5 bodies per day per incinerator. (2 chambers = 10 bodies per day capacity) [from their marketing collateral on the model A-200 incinerator]. 

What does maximum burn rate mean?

Burn rate means how long does it take to burn 150 pounds inside a chamber. For example a body that weighs 300 pounds will take 2 hours to cremate.

Are only human remains burnt?

No, any objects found in the casket or in the body will be incinerated. Items typically left with the body are dental fillings with mercury, medical devices, silicon implants, and metal orthopedic pieces. Additionally, caskets that are cremated contain chemicals and other hazardous materials are burnt as well. From M. Steib letter to Zoning Bd, dated, 7/10/17: The post cremation remains consist of skeletal remains, bone fragments and non-consumed metal such as dental work, surgical screws or prosthesis.

Will the crematorium chambers have to be inspected annually for proper maintenance?

The manufacturer of the two chambers has a recommended maintenance and repair schedule. There are no required regulations from Middletown Township requiring inspection and maintenance.

How big will the crematorium be?

The proposed building will contain two crematorium chambers will be 1128 sq. feet

Do they have all necessary state permits?

They do not have the permits that are required. They do not have the necessary DEP Air Permit, and they do not have the necessary Cemetery Board Crematorium Permit.

How many cemeteries have crematoriums in NJ?

There are 2,500 cemeteries located across 565 towns in NJ. Approximately 25 of those cemeteries have crematorium chambers. (Only 1% so imagine how much business/bodies/$$$ that would mean for Fairview and how much they would be incinerating daily)

How many towns have crematoriums? What is the percentage overall?

There are approximately 25 crematoria in NJ.
But there are 565 towns in NJ.
Therefore on about 4% of the towns have a crematorium.
(Why would want Middletown to be among the bottom 4%. Middletown is currently in the top 97.5 percent of the Quality of Life scale.)

How will this affect Middletown Property Values?

This 2015 White Paper was published related to a proposed crematorium in Oklahoma (note: the appendix section has source information in this paper) – link to download here Note: The area was zoned COMMERCIAL, not even residential. The paper is 113 pages long. It concludes that “recent studies give a cone of depression with a maximum loss of approximately 17.5% and an estimated zone of influence of 0.5 miles.” Estimating possible impact based on these calculations, Middletown residents within 0.5 miles (2600 feet) should contemplate the possible loss of 17% or more on their property value. Estimating 200 homes in the immediate vicinity, the combined value is greater than 100 million dollars, so that would result a loss of over 17 million dollars to all of us just on those immediate homes, not accounting for other potential impact resonating from these property values lowering.

Will the crematorium bring tax dollars into Middletown?

The cemetery does not pay any property tax, as a non-profit, as per NJ law.


Who is responsible for pursuing this?

The Fairview Cemetery Board of Trustees run the cemetery and public records show the cemetery filing paperwork with the state dating back to 2009.

Why would the Fairview Cemetery Board of Trustees want to do this?

A lot in the cemetery is around $3,000 and a burial is around $2,000. It has been previously estimated that the number of people passing on in this community each year to be 370 based on available data. Say HALF went to this cemetery and the other half somewhere else. Then the cemetery is making $5,000 x 185 = $925,000 per year. So, the plan proposed is to build an industrial incinerator – how will they make up for the Return on Investment to build such a facility? Statistics show that cremations are a growing industry and burials are in decline. More cremations = more business and being only 1 of approximately 25 crematories in the state of NJ could potentially bring in a lot of bodies from around the state

Who has the authority to make this decision?

The Middletown Planning Board has the authority to vote yes or no.

What can I do?

PEOPLE = POWER – We need NUMBERS!!! Get involved… spread the word… Donate Now to support the legal defense fund. Sign the petition… buy a sign, subscribe to our email updates, stay informed, display a large banner, reach out to other neighborhoods, and spread this message quickly! Also, look out for the “Do Nows” for things you can do as we organize. Click here for more information.