Day: March 2, 2019

The Issue at a Glance

Fairview Cemetery, located in Middletown, NJ, wants to build a two-chamber crematorium in the middle of the Oak Hill/Colts Glen residential developments.  This is also in the immediate area of retail stores  and other residential neighborhoods that are located outside of the required 200 ft notification zone. You will recognize the names: Union Square, Maguire’s […]

Cancer patient’s treatment leaves radiation contamination in crematory

link to original CNN article​ (CNN)Radioactivity was detected on the oven, vacuum filter and bone crusher of an Arizona crematory where a deceased man who’d received radiation therapy was incinerated, according to a new case report. Worse still, a radioactive compound unrelated to the dead man was detected in the urine of an employee there. […]

Toxin Radius Map

A map of a 6-mile radius surrounding the proposed Fairview Crematorium site. Below is a mathematical model developed by a local researcher and supplied to us to show the possible pollution generated by a fully-loaded crematorium on Oak Hill Road. According to the mathematical calculations developed:Infants in a 2-mile radius can be exposed to 280x […]