Announcement Update

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Less than three weeks ago, residents within 200 feet of Fair View Cemetery received a notice in the mail that a dangerous, unhealthy and toxic crematorium potentially has made an application to the Middletown Planning Board to build on a vacant, residentially zoned property that is surrounded by neighborhoods, soccer fields and environmentally sensitive lands. Since then, the residents of Middletown have mobilized, spread the word, started research, and prepared to defend their community. When more and more people heard about this absurd plan, many were beleaguered and left wondering how this could happen. So, many of you decided to get involved. Over the past three weeks, we started a petition that now has over 5,000 signatures, created a website, launched on social media, attended meetings, and knocked on doors. We have also received media attention for this. All in an attempt to block this dangerous and toxic plan. The more we learn about this project and the process of getting approval from the town, the more evident it has become that it would be unwise for all of us to not seek additional help.

So, with that being said, the leadership team of Stop Fair View Cemetery has decided that we wanted to do everything possible to protect our health, quality of life and economic vitality. We do not want to wake up on March 21st thinking “What if….”.

We are announcing that the leadership of Stop Fair View Cemetery has obtained and secured legal representation to prevent this project from being approved and completed. We have secured Ron Gasiorowski, who has practiced law for nearly fifty years, specializing in real estate land use law. Everyone we spoke to spoke highly of Mr. Gasiorowski, including Peter Dickson, the lawyer for RAGE. Mr. Gasiorowski practices out of Red Bank and he was the lawyer who represented Union Square Plaza two years ago when the cemetery wanted to initially build the crematorium along their Route 35 property. In speaking with Mr. Gasiorowski, it was clear that there are arguments and issues that go beyond what we as residents could be familiar with and his experience in this area will be a valuable asset to our cause.
While it should be noted that securing of legal representation does not guarantee victory, it does give us a better chance, greater insight into the land use laws and more legitimacy as an opposition group.

Now… the uncomfortable and difficult ask. We need your help. We need your help to spread the word because so many people still are not aware of this dangerous proposal. We need your help in showing up to meetings. But, we also need your help with this financial obligation. If built, this human incinerator will threaten the health, well-being, safety and prosperity of the entire town and all of the residents, regardless where you live. A small financial donation will be a small price to pay to protect our homes, loved ones, friends and neighbors. We understand that no one budgeted for this fight before the year began. However, it is clear that there is much more to lose if we cannot stop this project. Although we do not know the exact cost of this fight, we do not anticipate it will be drawn out over a long period of time which should help keep the costs down. At this time we are targeting an ask of $100 per household to build our war chest and cover the cost of the retainer. If you can donate that figure, than it is greatly appreciated. If you cannot, then we understand. For those who can and want to give more to our legal defend fund, as some of you already have, that is greatly appreciated. We will track what you contribute and distribute back the money if not used. Just know that 100% of these contributions are going towards our legal defense fund only. It is a valuable contribution to a worthy cause.
Additionally, we are proud to announce that one of our members has already donated $1,000 to this cause! Furthermore, the leaders of this group have already pledged a sizable donation to further jump start our fundraising campaign.
Lastly, RAGE is supporting the Stop Fairview fight. They have sent an email to all their members alerting them of this threat and have been supporting our efforts. In addition, they have agreed to help us fundraise and collect money. Since RAGE is a corporation with established bank accounts they have agreed to open a separate bank account for us to use for this purpose while we determine if we need to incorporate. Steve Lunanuova, the Treasurer of RAGE, is also helping in a similar capacity with Stop Fairview to help with these logistics.
To donate you can do any of the following:
1) You can donate using your credit card with the link below:
2) By check or cash: As noted above since we are using RAGE bank accounts at this time, checks need to be made out to RAGE. Please put in the subject line Stop Fairview.
You can contact either Carli Meneses or Steve Lunanuova to drop off a check or mail to:
Stop Fairview/RAGE
1385 Rt 35
Suite 128
Middletown NJ, 07748

For further information please see or email

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Less than three weeks ago, residents within 200 feet of Fair View Cemetery received a notice in the mail that a dangerous,

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