Update #4 – June 5, 2019

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Update #4: Bottom of the ninth, two outs, down by two runs, bases loaded, Game 7 of the World Series. Who do you want at the plate? Who would you trust to win the game?

Would you want someone who took three swings and missed each time to strike out at all of their previous at bats?

Well, Fairview Cemetery has submitted four different applications for their proposed dual chamber crematorium.

• Application to Middletown Zoning Board
• Application to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
• Application to New Jersey Cemetery Board
• Application tom Middletown Planning Board

And all four applications have swung for the fences and missed horribly.

Middletown Zoning Board Application filed on 7/13/2017, was denied due to inadequate setbacks, after denial Fair View Cemetery filed a court case on the grounds that the denial was capricious and arbitrary. The required setback is 200 feet, the proposal was for 81 feet. Strike One.

NJ DEP permit was approved on 6/19/2014, and the NJDEP cancel the permit on 3/11/19 due to several reasons. This will be the topic of our next update. Strike Two.

NJ Cemetery Board’s application was denied by the Cemetery Board on 1/11/2018 due to being incomplete, removed from the agenda, and requires a new permit. Fair View Cemetery did not give the necessary information to provide what was requested. There were several Cemetery Board meetings where the proposed crematoriums were on the agenda, but ultimately the Board Chairman rejected the application. [Initial correspondence with the NJ Cemetery Board discussing crematorium construction was on 9/10/2009.] Strike Three.

Middletown Planning Board Application was submitted on 8/12/2018, it was for a different lot / block than the Zoning Board Application. The Zoning Board Application has not been heard, as 
we filed an order to show cause to the Court asking for an injunction since the Court Case heard on 5/24/18 has not yet been ruled. The Court ruled in a favor, and the Planning Board Application is on hold, pending the Courts ruling on the Zoning Board Appeal. Strike Four.

But this is not a children’s game. This is your health, livelihood and future. This is our town, neighborhoods and community

Would you trust you and your family’s health and safety to Fair View Cemetery based upon their inability to successfully and accurately complete simple paperwork?

Fair View Cemetery is 0 for 4 in following well defined processes and procedures. Can you imagine how they will follow regulations and procedures operating a crematorium? Our health and our family’s health are at risk here.

Four Strikes and Fair View Cemetery is Out!

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