Update #7 – Sept 13, 2019

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Update #7

Happy September!  I am sure everyone enjoyed the last few weeks of summer and are very busy in getting back into the groove of waking up early, daily routines, and completing homework. For me, teaching Advanced Placement classes and transitioning our boys into a new school has led to a 9:30 bedtime. However, the threat of a dangerous and unnecessary crematorium in Middletown is still present, and I would like to get you updated on a couple of items.

First, the injunction still stands. This is good! And we have not heard anything about this since the Spring time! No news is good news in this case. We will continue to monitor and let everyone know if this changes.

Second, after doing a little digging, we have discovered that the New Jersey Cemetery Board ruled that all cemeteries who operate crematoriums must place at least $1 in the Preservation Fund for every cremation. The New Jersey Cemetery Act of 2003 did not address this and the board later acted. So, in theory, Fair View Cemetery Board of Trustees could use the proceeds from all cremations as they wish, like hiring more family members and raising their salaries, instead of worrying about maintenance of the graves, landscape and facilities for those who placed loved ones in their eternal resting place.

And finally, members of the SFVC Leadership team have been in conversations with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding this issue. We inquired about the ongoing recertification and evaluation of all existing crematoriums (human and pet) throughout the state. The state is currently streamlining the permit process and making sure that modern standards are being met, especially for facilities built decades ago. Additionally, we inquired about the original Fair View Air Quality Pre-Construction Permit, making sure the DEP was aware as the full extent of Fair View’s inaccurate and misleading information in their paperwork. The DEP is fully aware, and this is the reason why their permit was pulled so quickly six months ago. Furthermore, Fair View Cemetery will not be able to build anything without starting the process from the beginning and obtaining a new permit. Finally, the DEP stresses that opposition to the permit must be first made in writing, then a public hearing can be scheduled where interested stakeholders can voice their opposition.

We are monitoring DEP website where notices of potential permits are published. If Fair View Cemetery applies for a new Air Quality Pre-Construction Permit, we will notify everyone and then ask all to write letters in opposition to this dangerous proposal. We will demand a public hearing where everyone can voice their opposition at that point.

We thank you for your continued support, participation and vigilance!

SFVC Leadership Team

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